A beautiful crisp morning, the 3rd Sunday of the month arrived once again and how fantastic it was to see a few “new” faces to the group! Enjoy the following fantastic reports by two of our riders on the ground:

“Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!! I love MTB!”
“Last Sunday, me and my Dad joined in the Slipstreamers MTB ride at the Look Out. Normally I ride road races but because there aren’t any on at the moment as its the end of the season we went mountain biking instead. It was brilliant. I met my friends Olly and Elliot at the start and we followed the blue trail at first, which has loads of twists and turns. We then went down the Red Tank run which is a crazy series of banked turns with roots and massive dips – luckily we all got through. Next we went to a secret Quarry that John Gunn’s mate knew about – this was epic and we had to drop off a jump into the pit – the grown ups were scared, but even my dad had a go.At the end I had a snack at the café with my friends and  cleaned  off all the Mud from my bike and went home to tell my brother and sister how much fun it was.”
By Joe O’Brien, Under 10
“Yikes its a long way down into the Quarry pit!” “Elliot was really good at cool skids!” “John leads the way for the oldies!”

“Ollie’s dad was the bravest grown up with the worst jokes!”
“I joined my first Slipstreamers Mountain Bike session with caution and a touch of nervousness. Having only been along the tow path previously and one other novice ride I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a great experience and fun. I managed to keep up with the children but their skills far outshone mine. The trails were muddy and technical – I had to overcome a few fears to cope with some sections. There was a lot of shouting, mainly me – only me! I am looking forward to the next session on the 21st of December, so if you haven’t been, come along for the ride!”
By Richie Emment, Parent

If Joe and Richie have inspired you to join us on the next Lookout ride, do save the date of the 21st December 2014 for a jolly pre-xmas ride at Swinley Forest!