Rider Development Programme – 22nd August Assessment

Congratulations to all of you who undertook assessments last weekend! It was a quiet one but nonetheless super busy and we continue to be impressed by how fabulous you all are on 2 wheels! Coaches have submitted the names of those who have been promoted, so do scroll down for this. If you remain in your current groups, do not despair – ask your coaches for feedback, listen to their guidance and tips, apply the learning, and keep at it.  They are there to help you be the best you can be, so please don’t be afraid to talk to them! And speaking of which…

Certificates & Bands

All promotes will have their certificates printed and presented, with bands, on Saturday during the end of session announcements – please kindly be patient and wait until then for these. All uncollected certificates from longer than 2 months ago will be recycled after tomorrow unless you notify us to the contrary. So if you haven’t got your award from July, this is your last chance to collect.

And Now, Without Further Ado, August 2015 Promotes

If you don’t see your name in the table, but think this is in error and it should be, please talk to your coaches. Make sure you bring your passports to be signed off if you did not do so last weekend – if you have lost your passport, bring £1 for this to be replaced. Congratulations to the following riders:

Bronze Circuit Passes:
Move to Circuit Silver 1

Report to Adam M for squadding
Bronze MTB Passes:
Move to MTB Silver 1

Report to Ralph P, Alex A or Mark D for squadding
Silver 1:
Move to Silver 2

Report to Phil C for squadding
Silver 2 Passes:
Move to Gold

Report to Dave G or Sam G for squadding
Gold Passes:
Move to Gold+

Report to Dave G  for squadding
Suleiman Ahmed
Ethan Armstrong
Jacob Crook
Lukas Malik
Vicky Woodford
n/a Maddie Emment
Callum Hughes
Harry Leeson
Ollie Leeson
Sebastian McGrath
Aaron Shearwood
Sean Wraight
Angel Woods
James Brown
Jude Ackland

[subject to completing BCE]
Bobbie O’Brien
James Osborne



And a Reminder – If You Missed Your Assessment…!

Don’t panic! Don’t despair! When you return to the club, let your Coach know that you missed the assessment, and discuss options with them directly. Unfortunately, with us being such a busy club it is not always possible to arrange a special assessment for any one rider after Assessment Saturday, especially as all our sessions are group sessions and not one-to-one for a number of reasons. However, at the discretion of the group lead Coaches, if it’s practical, and depending which group the rider is in, plus a number of other varying factors such as the size of the group and safety conditions, an assessment may be possible. To be clear, this is not a guarantee and it is important to always talk to the coaches. If you have to wait for the next assessment in a few weeks to show how good you are, do heed the wise words of Head Coach Dave: “The pathway to good performance is a journey of hard work over months and years, not weeks!”

For future assessment dates, check out the Club Calendar online, talk to the Coaches, and keep an eye out in the newsletter for further announcements.