Enjoy the following fantastic report by a RP social ride regular:

“I started going on the Richmond Park ride when I completed my bronze award.  We meet at eight forty five at Pen Ponds car park. We do three laps round the park which is about 32 k. I ride there and back again which makes it about 50 k for me. There are 2 hills one is about 12 percent and the other’s about 8 percent. On the hills you can attack but you have to wait for everybody at the top. The coaches are normally Dave and Paul. We sometimes have a sprint to the bridge if the road is clear. In the summer lots of people come but in the winter not that many people come to the ride. The regular faces are me, Nathan, Dave and Paul. So come along and join us. At the end if the weather is nice we all go down to Pen Ponds cafe and get a bacon sandwich. Usually, mine has extra tomato sauce – they do the best bacon sandwich. Thank you very much for reading my report!”

By Stanley Kent