Slipstreamers in Action – Photo Albums

We take immense pride in our Slipstreamers Community – Volunteers, Members, Friends, Partners – and whilst words are a fantastic medium by which to share experiences, there is something very powerful in capturing a moment in time with a camera. One only has to browse through the thousands (yes, thousands!) of moments of Slipstreamers in Action telling their stories whilst they are at training, riding socially, volunteering, or at the races. All photos in our showcase area are taken by our Parent Volunteers, with regular photo credits going to Heathcliff O’Malley and Elisabeth Van Der Weit for providing us with some really fabulous shots of our riders!

Please note all photographs on the Slipstreamers Flickr site and this website are copyrighted to Hillingdon Slipstreamers – unless otherwise credited – and not for download and wider sharing without permission from the Club.  If you would like an original copy of any photographs taken by Club Volunteers, kindly email us with your request.