Riding Up – Club Position

At Slipstreamers, we strive for safety, fairness and equality by working within the framework provided by British Cycling. As a Club we are very mindful of considerations when asked by riders if they may ride up; and as such have produced the following guidance in order for you to understand the Club’s position on this matter.

Races – The BC Rules Are Clear

In races organized via British Cycling, the rules do NOT allow for any riding up of riders from C/D/E races into A/B races. The rules for 2016 are clear and state that:

  •   Category B riders may obtain dispensation to ride in Category A races
  •   Category A riders may obtain dispensation to ride in any older category on closed road events
  • 20.3.2    The maximum distance for youth races are as follows:
    • Youth A:               60km single race, 80km distance per day in stage events
    • Youth B:               45km single race, 60km distance per day in stage events
    • Youth C:               20km single race, 30km distance per day in stage events

As such, our longer distance races are not suitable for younger riders, and in turn no C/D/E rider will be allowed to take part in an A/B race. In the interests of safety, no rider from another race will be allowed on the circuit whilst another category race is in progress.

Saturday End of Session Races

We have confirmed with British Cycling that our end of session races actually fall under coaching and not racing. However, the emphasis on the end of session race is FUN, and provides a chance for riders to compete against their peers in the same age category.

Riding up in this instance:

  • Is not in line with racing rules, and leads to confusion
  • Leads to riders wanting to exert themselves in a way that may not be in line with their ability
  • Is frustrating to those that ask to ride up but cannot, when under the impression a riding up pathway exists
  • Is frustrating to those in an older category where a potential victory may be taken by a younger rider


In the interests of well being and fairness for ALL riders within the club, riding up will not be allowed.

In addition, the Health and Safety Guidelines for Coaches state that “Only riders taking part in the activity should be on the circuit/area being used; other riders should wait in a safe area”. Therefore, if a rider remains on the circuit after his/her race has concluded, they are seen to contravene guidelines. In this instance, a warning followed by a suspension from end of session racing may be invoked.

Other club races (slow race, low-gear race, derny race, elimination race) which reinforce a technique are mass start by the club as a whole, and have no riding-up element to them.

For British Cycling organized races, the event Commissaire may issue official penalty notices for infringement of any racing regulation.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email the Admin Team or talk to the Head Coach.