Mechanics Hut

A benefit of Slipstreamers Membership is access to our pool of experienced Club Mechanics who provide the essential service of ensuring bikes are circuit safe and ride-worthy. Click on a tab below to find out more about what our Mechanics can help you with during a Saturday session.

A selection of bikes, including mountain, road and track bikes, are available to hire during a Saturday session for £3. Sizes vary from 20″ wheels – 700c for road bikes, 16″ – 26″ wheel for mountain bikes, and 20″ – 700c for track bikes. We even have a few balance bikes for hire! Every single bike is cleaned, maintained and fully serviced by our Mechanics, and rest assured you will not be given a bike that is not ride-worthy! Any member is welcome to hire a bike, so do visit the mechanics hut after you have signed on (not before) and they will sort you out.

pumpIt is always good practice to ensure your tyres are in good shape before you arrive at the club, but of course, it is inevitable that punctures will happen at some stage or another. That’s cycling for you! If you need help with a puncture, the mechanics are on hand assist you and get you back on your bike asap.

tools1Club bikes are serviced and maintained to the highest standard by our Mechanics, during and after a session, to ensure they are safe to ride. Where requested by a parent or member, the Mechanics will always endeavour to ensure your personal bike is safe to ride if you ask them for help, but do note that they will only perform basic maintenance at a bare minimum, and only at their discretion. If it is deemed more advanced maintenance is required, you will be notified and this won’t be undertaken by our mechanics.

Gear checking is an integral part of what our Mechanics do. During Saturday sessions, or on race days, the team are on hand to check gear ratios pre and post races. If you need to understand a bit more about this, especially if you are new to racing, click here or talk to one of the team who will happily guide you through this.

bikesafety5The team will advise on saddle heights, crank lengths, bike sizing and general aspects of comfortable safe riding. They will happily answer your questions about looking after your bike, so if you would like the answer to something bike mechanical, safety and comfort related, do visit them in the Mechanics Hut to discuss.