Iconic Calshot

Iconic Calshot

We now have confirmed dates for our usual round of velodrome track sessions at Calshot in Southampton, so do read on for further info on these and how to book your places.

If you have never ridden in a velodrome before, then this is definitely for you – Calshot is a fantastic track to learn how to ride a “fixie” bike, and it is an experience you will not regret! Thanks to the skill and expertise of our fabulous L2 track coaches, novice riders are taken through the basics, and before long they are up riding around the track and confidently taking part!

Coaching beginners

Coaching beginners

It’s an experience we would encourage every Slipstreamer to try at least once; and if you really don’t enjoy it, at least you got to ride on the the steepest banked track velodrome in the South of England! Click here to read a bit more on this.

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Who May Ride at a Calshot Session?

  • Only U8 upwards may ride for safety reasons
  • Only U16 members may ride – if you are older than 16 you are not included (unless you are a Coach)

How Do I Book?

  • You may not just simply turn up at Calshot – this is a bookings only activity.
  • We require payment of £5 BEFORE the session, so bring this along with you when you book your place. We do not take money at the venue – no expections.
  • To make a booking, kindly talk to the sign-on team. Please don’t book until you are sure you can attend – unnecessary admin is not why we volunteer, so help us out by only signing up if you are serious about attending.
  • Your place is confirmed only once payment is received – please kindly ensure you pay when you book as we don’t have time to chase.
How Does It Work?
  • Sign on starts around 12.30pm in the Calshot Cafe or thereabouts – if you are a first timer, head there first and you’ll normally find Slipstreamers having lunch, a good natter, or on the beach from around 12pm
  • You need to be signed on and ready to ride by 1pm – don’t be late
  • After sign on, you will be arranged into groups by the coaches, normally based on experience, age, and/ or numbers. Each riding group spends approximately 20 minutes or so on the track, rotating with the other groups so everyone gets a turn. You may think “BOO, only 20 minutes?!” – but you will be pedalling like you have never pedalled before (remember, steepest Velo!), and will be grateful when it is time for a break to rest those legs!
  • Whilst Slipstreamers are riding, parents observe either from the seating around the track or from the middle, so if you have camping chairs it is worth bringing them along!
  • We normally finish around 5pm.

Do I Need a Track Bike?

  • If you have your own, bring it along!
  • If not, track bikes and shoes are on hire from the Calshot venue, so don’t fret if you don’t have your own. Shoes are also for hire, although, the smaller bikes tend to have toeclips so trainers will be fine. Be sure to arrive in enough time to try shoes on etc and be ready for 1pm
  • Or, talk to our mechanics at the Clubhouse on the Saturday before the track session as they have a small selection of track bikes which you may be able to hire for £2.

What Do I Need to Bring Along?

  • In between riding, track rollers are normally used to keep warm, so if you have these do bring them along
  • While cards are accepted for the main transactions in the cafe, there is no cash point on site – have some handy for the coffee machine!
  • Layer up, and bring spare jumpers – it gets cold inside.
  • Bring drinks and healthy snacks to re-fuel – you will get VERY hungry! Remember you are there for 4 hours!
  • Chairs – unless you enjoy standing for 4 hours, we’d suggest bringing a few along. Or, bring a picnic blanket and cushions along so you can sit in style and watch!

Do I Need to Pay for Parking?

Parking is free for Calshot users – but make sure you check in at reception and let them know you are there for the Slipstreamers session. They will issue a voucher/ ticket to put in your car.

What are the Confirmed Calshot Session Dates:

  • 2015
    • September 12th
    • October 24th
    • November 21st (Track Champs**)
  • 2016
    • February 27th
    • March 26th

**What Do You Mean by Track Champs?

Every year we run a Club Championship – read here for more on this. If you are new to the Club or haven’t been on a track bike for a while, the Track Coaches will need to see you in action at Calshot first before you will be allowed to participate at the Track Champs session in November.


Remember, if you would like to attend any off-site Club session you must pre-book and pay your fee first so do talk to your friendly sign-on team to do so!