Session Date: Thursday 27th October 2016, 1pm - 5pm

For the very first time, we will be running a half-term track coaching session at Calshot Velodrome. The cost to attend for Slipstreamers Members is £10.

If you'd like to join in the fun, please read all the information below carefully, and submit a form per participant. Full booking instructions are below.

If you'd like to attend, but have problems with transport, come and talk to us - if there is enough demand we may consider a minibus, or there may be other families driving down that will be happy to car share.

Who May Ride at the Calshot Track Session

All Slipstreamers Members may participate. Calshot is the perfect venue to learn track riding for the first time - so if you are a beginner this is for you! If you haven't yet, click play on the video (courtesy of Volunteer Parent Tim Allsop) above and enjoy a montage of the most recent session. If any under 6 members are interested, please check with the admin team first as there could potentially be height considerations with track bikes. If there are not enough Members signed up, we may open this session up to parents/ guardians - this is at discretion of the Club and usually very last minute so no adult bookings please. Keep an eye out on Twitter for updates.

Calshot Booking Process

You must pre-book online using this very simple form to secure your place. Bookings are on a first come first served basis. If you have not booked in advance, you won't be able to attend.


  • Once you have read through the overview page, click the button below to move onto the booking form - this is where you'll enter participant and contact details.
  • You can only submit one form at a time per child - if you have 2 children, complete the form again.
  • Enter the information required carefully, double checking spelling and email addresses before you continue.
  • Once booking info is completed, you will move onto the useful info page - if you're new to Calshot, do please read this!
  • The final part of the booking clarifies the rules of participation. Before you are able to complete your booking you will need to accept the Booking Declaration - the final submit button will be activated once you have done so.
  • Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email - please read this.
  • Note that we are NOT taking payments online or in person - bring £10 with you when you sign on.
  • Only book if you are absolutely sure you can attend, so as not to take up the place of another member.

  • NOTE: Your place is confirmed only once the Admin Team have validated your details - this will be done within 48 hours of booking. Kindly ensure you enter your email address correctly in case we need to reach you.