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Track Champs Booking Form

The annual Track Championships will be run at Calshot Velodrome on Saturday 19th November, from 4pm until 8.30pm. The cost to race in Track Champs is £10 per Slipstreamers Member.

Session times and details will be posted on the News Hub the week before the Track Champs, so for now if you'd like to race, please read all the information provided and booking instructions below carefully - use the buttons below each page or the breadcrumb links above to navigate between pages. If you'd like to attend, but have problems with transport, come and talk to us - there may be other families driving that will be happy to car share.

Who May Race at the Calshot Track Champs

Only Slipstreamers Members who have previously ridden at Calshot may participate. If you are new to Track you will need to have attended at least 2 coaching sessions and been signed off by the Track Coaches - if in doubt, do ask. Unfortunately, U6 members are unable to race in the Track Champs.

Track Champs Booking Process

You must pre-book online using this very simple form to secure your place. Bookings are on a first come first served basis. If you have not booked in advance, you won't be able to attend. Only book if you are absolutely sure you can attend, so as not to take up the place of another member.


There are 2 forms for you to complete:

  • Participant Details: Enter required information per rider - please double check each rider's details before you move onto the final page.
  • Complete Booking: Enter your details including 2 emergency numbers and your email address. You will need to confirm you have read and accepted the Track Champs terms and conditions on the last page - tick the checkbox to activate the submit button.

IMPORTANT - Booking Acknowledgement: After submission, you will notice a booking acknowledgement on your screen - if you don’t see this your form has not been submitted. Please try again. This will be followed by a confirmation email shortly after submitting your form, acknowledging your booking. Each booking for Track Champs will be validated by the Track Coaches and Admin Team - you will receive confirmation within 48 hours of your booking. If you haven’t received this please let us know.