Ben and Alex Take on the Grass Track for the First Time!

Last weekend, on the 23rd August, Alexander Uphill and Ben Bisson took part in their first cyclocross race at the Crawley Wheelers Summer Cross in the Park, Grass Criterium, and our 1st cyclo-cross race of the season for Slipstreamers. Both boys raced in the Under 12 race, so they were up against a few older boys and girls too; racing on their road bikes with slick tyres! Normally, one would ride with a cyclo-cross bike, but it is indeed possible to ride with a road bike or a mountain bike – although this would be a slight disadvantage to you. Fortunately for Ben and Alex, it was dry enough to not be too much of a disadvantage, and even though there were a few wheel spins, they battled hard and raced well with full-on commitment! Not bad going for a first time, especially as Alex took a well-earned second place on the podium, with Ben coming in a fantastic 5th. Well done boys!

Needless to say, they had a wonderful time and totally loved the experience – wanting to do more now! If you have never tried cyclocross before, give it a go – perhaps you’ll be like Ben and Alex and love it; but you won’t know until you try!