Cyclocross a.k.a. “Grass Track” Development Day

On Sunday, 31st August, British Cycling held a Cyclocross Development Day at Hillingdon Circuit. Around 64 people attended this fantastic 5 hour event, spanning across all age groups, and many of whom were Slipstreamers. The riders were split into 3 ability groups i.e. Novice, Beginners and Experienced, and the session was spent learning a ton of new grass-track skills, including how to dismount and mount, how to lift your bike over obstacles, how to run with your bike and how to fall off (which you do alot!), to name but a few.

The instructors were very knowledgeable, making this a fantastic – albeit very tiring – and worthwhile day for everyone who attended. Well done to all of those who took part. Now let’s see you all put those skills to the test and do some racing!

If you aren’t sure about what Cyclocross is, or think it’s not particularly exciting cycling, or you may have thought it’s something to do with Mountain Biking – think again! Read here to find out more about this discipline, and why it’s such a fantastic one to get into.