We’ve reported on the individual series race results as and when they’ve taken place, and you will remember that we even hosted a “Nationals” race at the club in June [click here to be reminded of this fantastic event!]. For those of you that don’t know, the National Youth Circuit Race Series comprises a series of standalone competition events, where the best young riders in the country compete against each other for points in various age categories. At the end of the series, points are accrued to result in series winners.

We are very proud to announce the series results of all our Slipstreamers who took part in this national youth circuit series, and who have all done exceptionally well this year, as follows:

  • U16 Boys:   36th Louis Rose-Davies, 50th Carl Jolly, 64th Charles Page
  • U16 Girls:   21st Harriet Mellor
  • U14 Girls:   2nd Lorna Bowler, 39th Kate Shelton
  • U12’s:   26th Gabriel Banner, 38th Jemma Bowler, 66th Isabella Escalera, 74th Nathan George
  • U10’s:   5th Jed Smithson, 20th Joe O’Brien, 43rd Cameron Still, 48th Alex Uphill, 58th Ben Bisson
  • U8’s:   8th Millie Coleman, 18th Bobbie O’Brien, 22nd Stanley Kent, 38th Finlay Hawker, 40th Sam Gilbert, 46th Finn O ‘Brien

Congratulations to all of you – these are amazing results!

If you ‘d like to see the full set of series results, click here.
If you are interested in racing next year and would like to find out more about the BC race series’:

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions!