Fun Day & Club Championships TT + Skills Report  – 27th September 2014

What do you get when you throw together a sizzling barbecue and friendly canteen to keep up energy levels, mechanics at the ready, musical beats, sack races and tug of war, a mountain biking course, watt bike, face paints galore, a time trial and a skills course?  Mix in a bunch of enthusiastic Slipstreamers, supportive parents and guardians, and of course your regular fare of passionate coaches and volunteers… Oh, and don’t forget some glorious sunshine…?

Yes indeed, you end up with a fantastic and very successful Family Fun Day and round 1 of the annual Club Championships, where Slipstreamers tested themselves in the Time Trial and Skills events amidst all the fun stuff! Read on to find out what went on…In a Few Snaps
We have collated some amazing photos of our Fun Day and first Club Champs for 2014. If you’d like to see a collection of the best snaps presented in a storyboard, do CLICK HERE AND ENJOY – if you have pictures you would like us to add to the storyboard, please do email them over.

The Time Trials (Part 1)

It was a very early start for some, with the first 30 places snapped up within 5 minutes of sign-on, by 8:05, to complete the first round of the time trial! The remaining TTs were held during the course of the day, with a grand total of 113 riders completing their TT leg of the competition. There were some amazing winning times, and some very close times in all age categories down to 5th place in some cases. A new format this year of more laps for all has opened up the competition, and we are looking forward to seeing your results in other disciplines!

If you would like to view the raw data from Saturday’s TT:

Please note that this raw data does not reflect the current Club Champs Status, and is ok for looking at splits only. It also does not reflect adjusted times that will need to be manually deducted from the first lap where the start order caused an inflated first lap. The final TT results will not be published until the riders who missed the TT on Saturday get their chance to compete on the 11th October during the early morning session. Please remember that this date on the 11th is ONLY FOR RIDERS WHO HAVE NOT ALREADY RACED IN THE TIME TRIAL event, and will also be restricted to the first 30 riders who sign up.The Skills

A true test of your overall handling on a bike! The skills event took place in front of the clubhouse with two sessions running simultaneously, which meant everyone got through in record time. We had the usual crates, cones and bottles we would expect from a skills course; with riders demonstrating their prowess all under the watchful eyes of our fabulous coaches Ralph, Steve, Andy and Adam, and indeed their wonderful assistants!The coaches are still working through the skills event results, so we don’t have anything to share at the moment. When they are ready, we will publish them via the newsletter – so watch this space, and please don’t ask your coaches for the results, as they won’t have them yet!

Overall… a very successful day with everyone coming together to ensure things ticked along smoothly. Days like this don’t just happen, and it’s down to the meticulous planning by the team behind the scenes, specifically Social Secretary Mark Devlin who organised the fun aspect of the day, and Head Coach Dave George and his band of committed Coaches; and the efficient execution of these activities by always willing volunteers who came forward and helped. To everyone who assisted with the TT time keeping, pushing off, number spotting and lining everyone up; to the older children who rode around with the very littlies; those who did the setting up and clearing away of all the other bits and pieces; and everyone who helped in some way, shape or form – THANK YOU!

Next up is the Road Club Champs event on the 18th of October – watch this space for further details via the newsletter in due course.