Well what a year of racing it has been seeing Slipstreamers travel up and down the country winning races, and even conquering Europe! Currently as a club we are ranked 25th in the country for National Club Road & Track racing, with a whopping 1270 points – that is, ahem, 2 places ahead of Team Sky!!! To put that into context, considering we are youth club for U16s, ranked amongst the adult racers, that is an extraordinary achievement! Unfortunately, there are no club rankings for Cyclo-cross or Mountain Biking, but we know how well you have all done and celebrate each and every one of you. You should ALL be so proud of yourselves!

So without further ado, we are very proud to announce the national series rankings and overall results of all our individual Slipstreamers who took part in various disciplines, including the Circuit, Track, Cyclo-cross (CX) and Mountain Biking (XC) throughout 2014, and who have all done exceptionally well this year. The tables below reflect the overall rankings of the individuals on the BC website, and don’t include individual races, which have all been published in previous newsletters throughout the year; but rather an overview of series results and overall national rankings for 2014. Some of the rankings rules are very complicated [click here if you’d like to read a bit on this], and some races don’t incur points, but where possible, we have included the names of riders we know have raced and done well. It is possible we have left out a name or two – particularly if you have Slipstreamers as your 2nd claim club so we may not have found your name by our search – so if you feel your name should be listed, let us know and we will fix that with pleasure.

National Individual Rankings 2014 – Road & Track

In the overall National 2014 series standings for Road & Track, we fared exceptionally well, as follows:

U16/ A U14/ B U12/ C U10/ D U8/ E
Girls:44     Harriet Mellor120   Ella Buckroyd


11     Charles Page

78     Carl Jolly

82     Louis Rose-Davies

181   Benjamin Moriarty

224   Samuel Henning

244   Will Scott

Girls:11     Lorna Bowler18     Kate Shelton

57     Savannah Hewson


68    Peter Hewson

77    Tom Portsmouth

121   Harry Tadman

134   Nicholas Rayner

Girls:2       Isabella Escalera20     Abigail Old

33     Jemma Bowler

84     Ella Coleman


6       Gabriel Banner

53     Oisin Murphy

72     Nathan George

Girls:35     Caitlin Loveless61     Esme Devlin

82     Emily Moreve


2 Jed Smithson

13     Joseph O’Brien

34     Alexander Uphill

44     Cameron Still

51     Benjamin Bisson

66     Oliver Emment

195   Taylor Evans

Girls:5      Millie Coleman7      Bobbie O’Brien

52     Kim Bowler

96     Madison Emment


15     Stanley Kent

35     Ben Coppola

35     Finlay Hawker

45     Finn O’Brien

49     Pascal Giret

90     Oliver Kent

96     Sam Gilbert

Click here for a view of our rankings on the BC Website


National Youth Circuit Series Rankings 2014

As a reminder, one of the highlights for us was on the 21st June at the circuit, where we hosted the 2014 Youth Circuit Series [click here to be reminded of this fantastic event!]. At the end of the series, points are accrued for each race taken part in, and the final tally contributes towards the overall series placement as per the overall table above.

Hillingdon Slipstreamers had a number of riders racing in the series and are most notable finishers in the overall standings were:

U16/ A U14/ B U12/ C U10/ D U8/ E
Girls:21  Harriet MellorBoys:

36  Louis Rose-Davies

50  Carl Jolly

64  Charles Page

Girls:2    Lorna Bowler39  Kate Shelton



Girls:38  Jemma Bowler66  Isabella Escalera


26  Gabriel Banner

74  Nathan George


5    Jed Smithson

20  Joe O’Brien

43  Cameron Still

48  Alex Uphill

58  Ben Bisson

Girls:8    Millie Coleman18  Bobbie O’Brien

43  Lucy Allsop


22  Stanley Kent

29  Pascal Giret

38  Finlay Hawker

40  Sam Gilbert

46  Finn O’Brien


Youth National Track Series Rankings 2014

Hillingdon Slipstreamers had a number of riders racing in the 2014 National Track Series, with the most notable finishers in the overall standings as follows:

U16/ A U14/ B U12/ C U10/ D U8/ E
Girls:[Southern Region]7  Harriet Mellor


[Southern Region]

6  Charles Page

7  Carl Jolly

[South East Region]

9  Louis Rose-Davies

Girls:[Southern Region]2   Lorna Bowler



Girls:[Southern Region]2  Isabella Escalera

4  Jemma Bowler




[Southern Region]

3  Jed Smithson


[South East Region]

1    Stanley Kent

7    Oliver Kent

Click here to view full set of results.


Qualifiers for the Youth National Omnium Championships were:

U14/ B U12/ C
Girls:13 Lorna Bowler Girls:10  Isabella Escalera11  Jemma Bowler


National Individual Rankings 2014 – MTB Cross Country and Cyclo-Cross

And let’s not forget our Cyclo-Cross (CX) and Mountain Bike Cross Country (XC) racers, who have and still are doing exceptionally well. Both disciplines require not only speed and endurance, but also excellent bike handling and technical skills to navigate roots, leaves and berms, and for those of you who have raced in these events, a major aversion to mud! The MTB XC races have come to an end for the year, but CX is is still going on for a few more weeks yet.

The tables below list the rankings for our MTB XC for 2014 and CX riders to date, but it’s worth noting that while these are listed in the BC rankings as noted, many MTB XC and indeed CX races do not accrue points as they are organised outside of BC, and are thus not added onto the overall rankings. To fully understand this (if you don’t already) click here to read the MTB rankings system, and click here to read the CX rankings system as defined by BC.

We also have a number of junior riders who are also not listed, as these do not accrue points either, but we have noted who these are. Again, it is possible we have left out a name or two – particularly if you have Slipstreamers as your 2nd claim club so we may not have found your name by our search – so if you feel your name should be listed, let us know and we will fix that with pleasure.

MTB XC National 2014 Individual Rankings

Juvenile (U14)
Boys:75    Seth Kanaris


MTB Special Mentions

Unfortunately, age categories under 13 and below do not get ranked by BC, and some races do not accrue points, but these riders have all raced for Slipstreamers in various XC races, and are noted as follows:

U14 U13 U10 U8 U6
Girls:Yasmin Basit Boys:Nathan George Boys:George Fowkes Girls:Lucy AllsopBoys:

Ben Coppola

Archie Fowkes

Girls:Katie Allsop


Cyclo-Cross National 2014/2015 Individual Rankings (to date):

The cyclo-cross series is still in progress, but the current overall standings to date are as follows:

Junior Youth U16 Youth U14
Boys:129     Benjamin Moriarty170     Joshua Murphy Girls:17     Lorna Bowler45     Elsa Kristiansson


37     Charles Page

91     Ieuan Woods

166   Niall Dawkins

166   Carl Jolly

Girls:34     Jemma BowlerBoys:

73     Gabriel Banner


Current Central CX League Standings:

The following standings contribute to overall rankings as per the table above, but as you’ll note U12 and U10 riders are ranked within the league and not on BC:

Junior Youth U16 Youth U14 Youth U12 Youth U10
Boys:4     Benjamin Moriarty8     Joshua Murphy

12   Alex Jones

Girls:13     Elsa Kristiansson26     Lorna Bowler


2     Charles Page

11   Niall Dawkins

29   Carl Jolly

Girls:20     Jemma BowlerBoys:

17     Gabriel Banner

32     Oisin Murphy

35     Harvey Dash

Girls:11    Isabella EscaleraBoys:

27     Cameron Still

36     Oliver Dawson

Girls:6    Astrid Spragg13   Caitlin Loveless

24   Lucy Allsop

38   Millie Coleman


22  Jed Smithson

26  George Fowkes

29  Ben Bisson

35  Archie Fowkes


Well done on an incredible 2014 Slipstreamers – and a huge thank you of course to the support teams of parents, grandparents and friends who drive miles and miles, clean bikes, fix mechanicals and give out hugs when things don’t go quite according to plan. You are all superstars!