As part of a series, we’ll be featuring a number of blogs by our Young Volunteers who have spent a regular Saturday session “shadowing” a Club Official, and getting taste of what it’s like being a volunteer at the club on a Saturday morning. Enjoy the first feature that tells you a little bit more about life behind the sign-on desk…

A Morning of Admin, Saturday 14th February 2015
By Callum Loveless, Slipstreamer & BC Young Volunteer

So much admin!

Meet Callum

“Hi, I’m Callum and today I took part in the Young Volunteering Scheme by British Cycling. I was a bit apprehensive at first but it was great, to be honest! I helped Asti out with the admin and behind the scenes work (there is a lot of that you know!)

First of all, I counted how many people signed on compared to how much money was paid. £10 short. If you remember signing on but not paying £10, please see Asti immediately 😉 in fact, Asti is so nice I’m sure it’ll all be fine!

After that, I helped Emma out with the certificates. Counting, printing, labelling … boy there are a lot of certificates! Although there is vast amounts of admin, it was really good fun. Sorting out everything for everyone who cycled was quite joyous.

Volunteering is also a great opportunity for me. It looks great on your CV and therefore can lead you to a very good job so is an amazing thing to do. You get a passbook with pages where you can write how many hours you volunteered for. You can then work up to your bronze, silver and gold achievements.

So if volunteering sounds like a good thing for you, then I’d highly recommend it!”

Watch this space for more posts from our Young Volunteers…