The Hillingdon Slipstreamers Youth Summer Series kicked off on Monday 27th April, and to date we have completed our first three events [see below for results].

Great turnout for the 1st race on Monday 27th April

Great turnout for the 1st race on Monday 27th April

Race 1

Youth Summer Series Race #1

We had a few great evenings of extended racing at the circuit which we all hope you have been enjoying – read Lia’s report of her experience here. We have seen great representation from Slipstreamers, with quite a few racing competitively for the first time. Although our events clash with Reading Track League, we have had solid representation from Palmer Park, Charlotteville CC and Zappi’s, amongst others, making their way over to UB4 on a Monday evening.

This year we have detached ourselves from the same night as the seniors. This has multiple benefits – firstly we have a dedicated evening for youth racing in which we can offer more varied events; and secondly, for those youth riders that have amassed enough points to race in the senior racing, another chance in the week to race.

The past few weeks have seen some amazing efforts. Anthony Anderson (Sigma Sport) made an outstanding break in the U16’s race of Round 3, and was closely followed by Jacob Vaughan (VCL) and Giles Clark (Zappis) – the three riders managing to lap the bunch. This is becoming very popular – Irfan Zaman carried out a similar movement in the U14’s race and Anna Wadsworth (Beeline) in the U12’s in Round 2. Jed Smithson (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) is also demonstrating his power as he also took a huge lead to take the win in the U10’s in Round 3. A reminder to all riders that if you watch these breaks disappear, you won’t get them.

Remember your pace-management drills and keep breakaway’s in check, aiming to reel them in at that all important winning time!

If you are going to join us in future races, please heed an important reminder about some of the BC rules:

  • Gearing! Sadly, several riders have been disqualified after the gear checks. Make sure you use the markers to check before your race. If in doubt, simply ask  for help. If you need to understand gearing a bit more, do visit this page in Rider Resources for an explanation and some clarity on why this is so important.
  • Race Numbers! Please fix your race number on the correct side and do not fold it. If you aren’t sure of where to place it – just ask!
  • Cameras! The use of cameras attached to riders, helmets or bicycles within competition is prohibited unless previously authorised in writing by the British Cycling Board.


And finally… if you have raced during our Youth Summer Series and would like to write us a race report, do feel free to do so and send this over [with a photo or two] for us to review for posting. We’d love to hear from you!

Reminder: Visit our calendar for full details of all our summer events and races. There is a lot on so keep coming back for updates! If you would like to join Monday’s race # 4 visit this page here.

Results confirmed and online so far: Go here for race # 1 and here for race # 2. Results from race # are not yet online.