Sammy the Bear with His Slipstreamers Medal

Every now and then we get visitors to the Club during a session – we’ve had our local MP visit, the Police have stopped by, and even famous cyclists including Jenny Copnall and Bradley Wiggins have popped in to say hello.

But then we get guests that deserve a VERY special mention – in this case, Sammy the Bear came along for a cycling adventure during Saturday’s training session.

Enjoy the following report, as typed up by Zayd aged 5, all on his own…

By Zayd Khan, U6 Slipstreamer

“This week I have a teddy called Sammy from school for doing well in Maths. I brought him to Slipstreamers to show him my cycling. He saw me do my skills and my race. I love Slipstreamers  because the race is so fun. On Saturday  I won a medal. I was so excited.”


Thank you for such a superb report Zayd – we loved having Sammy the Teddy around!

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