IMG_7373If you’ve never given track inside a velodrome a go, then our track coaching session on Sunday 8th April 2018 at Calshot Velodrome in Southampton is just for you. This session is open to all Slipstreamers Members and a few invited sister clubs, with Calshot perfect for absolute beginners to learn. Our Coaches are very experienced in teaching novices, who will be taken through the basics at their own pace, and who were are pretty sure by the end of the session will riding around the track quite confidently!

So if you want to get a flavour of what it’s all about, why not give it a go – if you really don’t like it, you never have to do it again; and of course if you do, then that will be that!


Track FAQ’s


Who May Ride at a Calshot Club Track Session?

  • This session is open to all Club Members, regardless of age.
  • Sister clubs, by invitation, are welcome to join us – bookings must be made in advance.
  • If any riders under 6 want to take part in the coaching sessions, do talk to the Admin Team as this rule is generally to do with size (except for Track Champs where U6 are not permitted to race).
  • Occasionally, track sessions may be opened up to volunteers and parents if there are not enough members signed up. This is at discretion of the Club only and usually very last minute. Keep an eye out on Twitter for updates.


What Does a Track Session Cost?

Slipstreamers subsidises the cost for our Members and the fees – payable online – are £10 per session (plus online booking fee). Non-members from sister clubs, by invitation only, pay £15 per session (plus online booking fee).


How Do I Book?

  • Off-site sessions are available to book online in advance only so we can plan the coaching groups – you may not just simply turn up and ride.
  • To join the session on Sunday 8th April 2018, from 12.30am – 4pm, CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS AND TO ACCESS THE ONLINE BOOKING FORM. Full instructions, including information regarding parking, bike and shoe hire, are noted on the info pages.


Do also always keep an eye on the News Hub for all the latest updates and any changes to the schedule. And if you have any questions, just ask!