Weekly End-of-Session Races

Back by popular demand, we bring you the results of our end-of-session races, of which there are always Circuit Races and occasionally Mountain Bike Races. Medals are awarded at the end of each session to the winners, and photographs are shared on our Flickr website here.

On The Circuit Races

Using the circuit and either on road or mountain bikes, we bring you…

Girls Derny Race

And the winners are…

Emily Moreve leading Electra Morris
Boys Derny Race

And the winners are…

Coach Sam leading Sterling Smith
Mixed Derny Race

And the winners are…

Boy leading Girl
James Brown leading Jeeya Jagdev
Apron Group Races

And the winners are…

Older Boys
Younger Boys
Saroop Jagdev Daniel Korinek Ayesha Korinek

Mountain Bike Races

Using only mountain bikes and off-circuit either on the grass or following a course created by the Coaches, we bring you…

Team Relay Race

And the winners are…

Relay Team
Eddie O’Brien
Jimmy Graham
Lamek Habtemicael
Miles O’Brien
Sam Rudolf