The annual 2018 awards were handed out and celebrated on the 14th December – which was thoroughly enjoyed by all before the Xmas party festivities began! Scroll down for a full list of who won what award…

2018 Club Championship Awards

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
UNDER 6 CHAMPS Boys Sam Rudolph Adam Kausar Humphrey Scott
Girls Emma Holmes Orla Green Rose Brassil
UNDER 8 CHAMPS Boys Edward Kent Liam Rudolph Zayd Khan
Girls Nikola Radomska Zoe Hanreck Hannah Newman
UNDER 10 CHAMPS Boys Beau Hanson Elliot Brassil Edward Fraile-Whysall
Girls Natalia Radomska Chiara Cuneo-Flood Isabella Pagadala
UNDER 12 CHAMPS Boys Ben Coppola Aiden Brassil Finnlay Weeks
Girls Molly Scott Shehrezade Graham Electra Morris
UNDER 14 CHAMPS Boys Alex Franks Conor Williams Elliot Moreve
Girls Emily Moreve Esme Devlin Jeeya Jagdev
UNDER 16 CHAMPS Boys Oisin Murphy Sebastian Egan Hamish Forsyth
Girls Lia Leonard Alice Whitney Eva Callinan


2018 Coach’s Vote Awards



Most Improved Road Rider

William Jones

Emily Moreve

Most Improved MTB Rider

Oliver Dawswon

Natalia Radomska

Most Improved Time Trial Rider

Alex Franks


Most Improved Racer

William Shield

Eva Callinan

MTB All Terrain Award

Oliver Dawson

Chiara Cueno-Flood

Most Improved Multi-Discipline Rider


Astrid Spragg


2018 Club Participation Awards

1st Place Runner Up
Runner Up

1st Year Enthusiasm Award

Chiara Cueno-Flood Samuel Evans Jeeya Jagdev
Club Member of the Year Award
Elliot Brassil Aiden Brassil Kian Fusco


2018 Committee Vote Awards

  • Young Coach of the Year: Thomas Horswood
  • Young Volunteer of the Year: Laurence Horswood
  • Gwyn Doel Award for Outstanding Contribution: Sam Grant
  • Brian Wright “Spirit of Slipstreamers”: Lia Leonard


2018 Member Vote – Favourite Volunteer Award

  • Helper of the Year Award Winner: Marco Gaminara
  • 2nd place: Dave George
  • 3rd place: Paul Moriarty


2018 Special Recognition Awards


Jake Scott RESILIENCE Overcame some time off the bike because of illness, and has returned to club life with vigour. Jake gets on with things, wants to ride his bike, and wants to improve. It’s not always easy bouncing back, but he has. Well done.
Harry Wass An extremely positive young man who comes to sessions wanting to learn and contribute. Extremely coachable and making excellent progress.
Charlie Bailey Spent most of the season with limited training whilst waiting to see a medical consultant. Although his racing was sporadic, manged to crank out a 20:07 in the GHS 10 National Final to place 6th
Mikaal Elahi He has showed perseverance in overcoming fears and tackling challenges. We struggle to get his attention at the start, but he greatly improved over the weeks. He showed great love for the sport and very keen on the after session races. His regular attendance , great effort support and encouragement by his mother has helped a lot. Also an ethusiastic end of session cleaner-uperer.
Kingsley Pemberton Has stepped up his game this year when working on technique. Paying attention to coaching points & immediately trying out the suggestions to visible improvements, which boosts his confidence to try harder & achieve more.
Emily Newman New to the club and has made a huge impact. She really worked to overcome her fears in the recent mountain bike race, and despite her tears took part and finished the race. She has also taken Rose under her wing, looking after her when she has been upset and encouraging her to join in.
Imani Juchibhotla A new joiner who is already demonstrating the Spirit of Slipstreamers – excellent participation in sessions and going out of her way to encourage and help younger riders in her squad
Nancy Taylor A fantastically enthusiastic young lady who is making a big impact in her coaching group by passing on her knowledge to other riders without hesitation
Zoe Hanreck Enthusiasm
Rajdeep Dhaliwal First joined us during a Park Life session 3 years ago, and has been keen to join us ever since. Now a full member and never misses a session and demonstrates excellent engagement at our sessions
Isaac Beck Three young lads who have shown great pride in their environment by always being available to help clean up the after session mess in the clubhouse. These extra efforts make a big difference to the club’s reputation
Elliot Shaw
Charlie Hayter
Sterling Smith Transferred to us from his home club in Norfolk whilst boarding at a school in Surrey. A keen competitor who has progressed beyond road onto track and is making such fantastic progress with us.
Kiki Hanreck An incredibly fast learner and extremely coachable. Kiki has listened and put into pratcice all she has learned. From starting with us just a few months ago has progressed quickly and is now looking to complete her Gold training
Oscar Beck New to volunteering programme… Both very shy and both incredibly nervous to start with. Put them both under Gabriela and Susie’s wing and they are shining. Helpers almost every weekend now. Oscar is Team Admin favourite and I he’s the event marshals tea carrier! Jake is Team Canteen favourite and Janet in particular absolutely loves him – he also took control of the canteen one Saturday when both ladies were away, showing the mums who stepped in what to do. Both boys helped Debbie with the BBQ at Nationals – needless to say, they learned loads!
Jake Lawlor
Leon Morin He’s been there almost EVERY single Saturday. Helped with induction holiday. Shy, unassuming, keen to learn. Grown so much this year… Paul and Mel constantly feeding back how much of an asset he has become.
Thomas Ross Thomas has grown into a very helpful young leader. Off the bike with a long term knee injury has given up his Saturdays to still be involved by volunteering. Whilst his knee is in rehab, continues to give what he can to training, and the rest to helping where he can
Jay Lloyd When he isn’t complaining about the lack of jumps or technical features to use during a session, or endurance training… He will *always* step up to assist the coaches when a demo is needed or if any heavy lifting and setting up is required, with a grin on his face. He also appears to be the younger riders’ “go-to guy” for any mechanical issues they have, before coming to any coaches.
Morgan Evans One of our young coaches who earlier this year put his Slipstreamers first aid training to good use, when he was first responder to a young causualty with an arterial bleed.


Congratulations everyone!