Our Summer Series of Racing starts on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May and runs for 11 weeks through to Monday 15th July.

As with past years, as well as British Cycling Points awarded for A/B Category races, series points are also awarded for each race attended. A bonus 5 points are awarded to each rider who compete in the first five events, and a further 5 points for attending the second 5 events. The 11th event does not attract series points and is used as the awards ceremony for the series. Britsih Cycling points were appropriate will still be awarded.

With all our Summer Series races, gear checks for youth riders are conducted AFTER the event. Please be aware that we are consistent with are gear checks and only an under or on measurement is acceptable. Any gear deemed as over is OVER and shall result in a DQ. We have plenty of checking points available for you to self check before the races. 

Below is the list of events and start times. Please be aware of the following:

  • On-line entry is available for all events until the closing date. On-line entry is £6 + £1 booking fee
  • On-the-day entry is available for all events and is £10 on the day
  • Riders without a licence are welcome, but a day licence is required to be purchased on the day at an extra £1.50
  • The Bank Holiday event on 27th May has a special A/B girls only event which starts earlier at 18:00
  • This special event is to host a post RSR event to give girls to race together
  • As a result, only A/B boys shall be in the later event

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Women Welcome to Race against U16 Males!

*Under British Cycling regulation 7.12.2 Races open to male Youth A category riders, with the exception of National Championships, will also be open to 1st category junior female riders, and 2nd, 3rd & 4th category female riders of any age. As such, we welcome more women riders to the circuit on a Monday for the racing. On-the-day entries only though to allocate rides to youth as a priority.

Timings and Duration

The clubhouse will be open for sign-on from 18:30 on the date of each event. There is no pre-registration online and sign on will be on the day. C/D/E Riders shall race for a minimum of 30 minutes, whilst A/B/Women shall race for a minimum of 45 minutes extending to an hour as daylight increases


Parents/ Guardians/ Young Volunteers: We would be grateful for your help with marshalling, officiating and general tasks – there is always a lot to do and any bit of support you provide goes a long way towards keeping the races going. If you are coming to the races, please make yourself known and lend a hand, even if it is ad hoc.

For any information or queries, please contact the Slipstreamers Race Secretary.

As usual, keep an eye out on Twitter and the News Hub for any updates!