The annual 2019 awards were handed out and celebrated on the 14th December – which was thoroughly enjoyed by all before the Xmas party festivities began! Scroll down for a full list of who won what award…

2019 Club Championship Awards

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
UNDER 6 CHAMPS Boys Theo Marshall Jack Dixon Peter Blomfield
Girls Emily Newman Orla Green Mehreen Taimur
UNDER 8 CHAMPS Boys Harley Jackson Sam Rudolph Kit Dixon
Girls Ailun Pan Alexandra Renwick Rose Brassil
UNDER 10 CHAMPS Boys James Earl Harry Harding Zayd Khan
Girls Zoe Hanreck Beatrice Scott Nancy Taylor
UNDER 12 CHAMPS Boys Alec Rowles Nathan Levitt Finnlay Weeks
Girls Natalia Radomska Lucy Cummins Chiara Cuneo-Flood
UNDER 14 CHAMPS Boys Alex Franks Aiden Brassil William Jones
Girls Electra Morris Emily Moreve n/a
UNDER 16 CHAMPS Boys Daniel Goodwin Sebastian Egan Conor Williams
Girls Lia Leonard Esme Devlin n/a


2019 Coach’s Vote Awards



Most Improved Road Rider

Patrick Rabey

Lucy Cummins

Most Improved MTB Rider

Kai Lloyd

Zoe Hanreck

Most Improved Time Trial Rider

Freddie Weller


Most Improved Racer

Charlie Abraham

Naira Dixon-Leon

MTB All Terrain Award

Edward Taylor

Chiara Cueno-Flood

Most Improved Multi-Discipline Rider

Conor Williams



2019 Club Participation Awards

1st Place Runner Up
Runner Up

1st Year Enthusiasm Award

Alexandra Renwick Theo Marshall Jack Dixon
Club Member of the Year Award
Alec Rowles Aiden Brassil Finnlay Weeks


2019 Committee Vote Awards

  • Young Coach of the Year: James Edwards
  • Young Volunteer of the Year: Leon Morin
  • Gwyn Doel Award for Outstanding Contribution: Jeremy Evans
  • Brian Wright “Spirit of Slipstreamers”: Joshua Goraya


2019 Member Vote – Favourite Volunteer Award

  • Helper of the Year Award Winner: Paul Moriarty
  • 2nd place: Marco Gaminara
  • 3rd place: Dave George


2019 Special Recognition Awards


Benedict Scott Benedict has flourished this year, becoming extremely coachable and a bit of a rising star on the velodrome!
George Benwell Never afraid to have a go – listens intently and puts good advice into use.
Jett Jordan Missed out on other awards – but we are watching your trajectory!
Daniel Cann Fastest legs in the velodrome!
Owain Williams Keep on exploring opportunities – great work in CX!
Maja Wdodiak Girl Power award for showing the boys how to do it,  especially on the MTB technical obstacles,  always steady and balanced.  Also a great example of someone who mixes MTB and road.
Ben Lawlor The Pallet King,  excelled on the north shore pallet exercises this year,  he has made great progress on his balance and bike handling skills this year. Falls down, but gets up & keeps trying. Never gives up.
Kingsley Pemberton Returning strong after a few months off for personal reasons and displaying good core techniques.
Angad Kahlon Improvements notable this past year. Really worked hard on his overall technique and performance off-road. Coachable.
Jai Mikulko Jai has taken feedback on board where he can develop and grow. He has continued to help the club as a young volunteer, asking for guidance and support along the way.
Jacob Driver Both boys are fairly new to the club and since coming have got better each week. They both started a little bit nervous on a bike but now can, ride in a pair and a group, take there hands off the bars and no how and when to change gears. They are getting close to passing the assessment. Again a pleasure to teach.
Joshua Driver
Amelie Moses Has passed the assessment on a mountain bike and come back to do it on a road bike. Always cheerful, polite and listens to what she is asked to do. A pleasure to teach.
Rafferty Daniel-Mo He was good on the induction day but had a few bad habits to iron out,  he persevered, kept coming back, listened and he now has and has passed the assessment and in silver 1.
Poppy-Iris Pemberton deserves an award as lately she has done really well and just passed the assessment after being on the apron for a long time
Ben Heap Ben and Tom for their commitment in training and engagement with cyclo cross
Thomas Heap Ben and Tom for their commitment in training and engagement with cyclo cross
Ben Jones For his determination in training and his preparedness to listen and apply the coaches instructions
Jeeya Jagdev She has on many occasions prove to be very caring and always happy to ride around the circuit with the younger riders.
Samuel Evans Needs a mention for always coming up with alternative session plans each week.


Congratulations everyone!