A Few Words from the Volunteers…

We invited a few of our volunteers to respond to the statement “Why I Volunteer”. When asked to put this into a few simple words, many of us found this a bit of a challenge before finding the right words! The passion by which our Volunteers serve the Slipstreamers community is apparent in the following collection of quotes from just a handful of the wonderful people who week in week out give up their time freely to provide each member with the opportunities they do.

I always remember a film called “Field of Dreams”. The tag line was “If you build it, they will come.” We built it, they came. To stop on a quiet corner of the park now and again on a Saturday morning and just take in what was going on around me was all I ever needed. A wonderful feeling knowing that I’d played my small part in making it what it was.
John Gunn


It’s all about the children. Its fun. without volunteers the club wouldn’t be feasible. It’s my way of contributing. I would be there anyway. We always have a laugh. My own learning about cycling so I sound as if I know what I’m talking about to Taylor…. And I got lovely flowers at Christmas.
Susan Murtaugh

Admin & Signon

Feeling part of a great club community makes you want to contribute and helping kids develop new skills and see them grow in confidence is a great reward. Oh and it’s fun!
Mark Devlin


I volunteer because, A. There is nothing better that watching a rider improve, progress and get them onto the circuit. B. I love seeing the riders having fun and enjoying them selves. C. Ben had a great start to his cycling life, thanks to many of the coaches at Hillingdon . I want to give something back. Bottom line, I love it!!!
Paul Moriarty


Over the years my reasons have changed and evolved. I started because there was a job which needed doing and then Saturdays at Slipstreamers became a fantastic antidote to what I do all week. Seeing motivated children achieving their goals helped restore my faith in humanity. Nowadays I spend more time with Slipstreamers than I do with family and friends and the community is a huge part of my life. I also want to pay back just a little to say thank you for the fantastic support and opportunities my own children have had from the Club.
Shirley Marvelly


Because nothing makes me happier than seeing small people smiling riding their bikes.
Zoe Allsop

MTB Coach

I volunteer to get the rewards of seeing the young riders progress each week and to see them develop life skills from cycling that will stay with them forever.
Marcus Atkins


I don’t really know why I volunteer, but two reasons come to mind: 1) being on a bike is the closest I’ve ever felt to flying and as a kid it was the most freeing thing I could do and 2) supporting children to find their way to a similar experience feels like the right thing to do.
Richard Pearce


A: For financial reward
B: Gets me out of a house full of cats
C: Provides a mental stabiliser with an opportunity to develop myself as well as others, in an environment that is far removed from normal workplace pressures.
D: B & C
Dave George

Head Coach

I volunteer for the joy and thrill of every breakthrough as our children develop their cycle craft; and for the privilege in kick-starting a lifelong love for this amazing sport.
Philip Coleman

Coach, Vice Chairman

I volunteer because I want give back what the club did for me when I was a member of Hillingdon Slipstreamers and pass on my knowledge to the next generation on cyclists.
Sam Grant


For the enjoyment of watching a child achieve their goal.
Adam Moreve


Because it is fun being in a team of like-minded people, teaching others and learning myself from them and the other team members as well is hugely rewarding.
Chris Whitney


I volunteer as I believe everyone should give something to make society a better/happier and more equal place. And I volunteer because I enjoy a free cup of tea. 🙂
Yvonne Bowler

Trustee, Press Secretary

Because it’s fun, helps my development as much as our riders, and allows me to put something back into a club that’s made such a positive difference to my children.
Andy Buckroyd


Because when a child says ‘I can’t…’, I want to help them believe they can – for me it’s about making that difference.
Jackie Whitney


It makes me smile… sometimes.
Alison Grant

Trustee, Chairman

It’s a bit like a road trip adventure. Once we’ve weathered the storms, fixed the mechanicals, and overcome frustrating obstacles we see the inspiring moments that put it all into perspective – infectious smiles, fears being overcome, confidence developing, boundless enthusiasm. Plus I like the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I make a difference.

Asti Kanaris

Trustee, Membership & Admin

If you are interested in doing something rewarding and becoming a Volunteer, come and talk to us during a Saturday session.