Why Do the Skills Event?

The annual Club Championships opener, even if you don’t want to partake in any other Club Champs events, this one is always quite fun and you get to enjoy it alongside our annual Family Fun Day activities. For the competitive among you, the skills component is by far the most important. This is the event that can make or break the battle to become a Club Champion. Overall, we hold 5 events, of which 4 count towards a placing, but the skills are crucial in order to be in the running as this will always be the decider. Also, in the event of a tie, the highest placed skills rider takes precedence. Why? Because good bike handling skills are at the centre of everything we do – so this is your chance to shine!


How Does the Skills Event Work?

There are two courses, one for U6, U8 and U10 age categories; plus a second course for U12, U14 and U16. Both courses include slalom and bottle pick-up, with the main difference being the course for U10 and younger includes a limbo section, whilst the U12 and older riders are required to do a 5 second track stand.

Click the image below to view the skills course layout and description for U6/ U8/ U10


Click the image below to view the skills course layout and description for U12/ U14/ U16


Where on the Circuit is the Skills Event?

26808725115_506a60ef14_oThe skills courses are held on the circuit directly in front of the Clubhouse entrance – so it’s great to watch and encourage the riders as they take to their respective courses. Riders will wait on either side of their respective courses, until they are called to take part.

The Skills Event Rules

Of course there are some rules around the skills competition. Each rider is timed, and if something is not completed properly then a time penalty is given. You may think that it might be quicker to fail to do the course properly at all, and just pick up the penalties. But no, this is against the spirit of the competition and if a rider fails to attempt the course properly then he/she may be disqualified!

Penalties of 5 seconds ARE accumulated for:

  • Missing or knocking over a cone in the slalom. A cone may be nudged, but if significantly moved or run over, then the penalty shall be given.
  • Dropping a bottle or the bottle falling off the landing crate. The bottle does not need to be upright but it does need to land on the crate.
  • Knocking the limbo bar off. Disqualified if the rider does not attempt it.
  • Putting a foot down in the track stand area – plus the additional time remaining of the track stand. If a rider rides through without stopping the rider will be disqualified for not trying.
  • Moving out of the track stand area.
  • Failing to dismount at the dismount line The riders can scoot towards the line, but they must be fully dismounted as they push their bikes around the turning point and must not mount again until over the mounting line.
  • If the bike does not travel around the end cone, for example, the rider turns the bike around, this shall also attract a penalty.

Where Penalties are NOT given:

  • There is no penalty for putting a foot down in the slalom.
  • A rider can stop and pick up/ put down the bottle on the crate – no penalty is given as the rider will be losing time already by doing this!


What Bike Should Be Used?

26808743445_b64c6813a0_oYou are welcome to use either a road bike or a mountain bike for the Skills Champs – be sure it’s a bike you are comfortable on. Do note, however, that BMX bikes are not eligible. If you want to loan a bike for the day, you may do so – but this will be on a first come first served basis – so make sure you are on time to avoid disappointment!


Parents, please ensure all members taking part are aware of the content and what to expect when they participate in the Skills Champs. It is, after all, their club and their championship event. It is also important to note that if a member misses the skills event, while we will endeavour to provide a second opportunity this will be done to the Club schedule – so do be sure to take note of this when the Club Champs dates are announced each year. However, if you do miss out, we’d encourage our members not to be disheartened and to take part in the other events – if anything, it’s great fun and for those of you new to cycle competition, it’s a good way to experience this for the first time.

As usual, keep an eye out on Twitter for the latest updates and if you have any questions, please contact the Admin Team.