Sustenance & Hydration



Sustaining your energy and hydration are absolutely fundamental before and after any exercise session, be it Saturday practice or a race. Not eating or drinking properly before and after your cycle causes fatigue and dehydration that can be easily avoided!

Before any race or training session, please remember to:

Eat a proper breakfast before you leave home – porridge is always a winner, as is toast with perhaps egg toppers or even some jam!
Pack a few energy snacks for a pre and post-race re-fuel – your usual energy bar/ gel, a flapjack, a banana or a granola bar work well (crisps and sweets don’t count!)!
Stay hydrated at all times – always make sure you have plenty of water, especially when it’s sunny and warm!

There is a wealth of excellent information and guidance on the Internet, but here are 2 very informative articles worth reading: