Getting the Body Ready for Cycling


We hear it all the time – warm-up and warm-down. But do we all do it? Probably not… But we should! Evidence has indicated that warming up as well as cooling down are essential to prepare your body and mind to perform at its very best, and to recover properly. This is essential for both a training session or a race where you will be exerting yourself.

There are many ways to warm up and down, with different cyclists employing techniques unique to their own physiological and mental needs, and dependent on the type of cycling that will be taking place. Whether it’s for training or racing, this will vary; but some like to stretch, most use turbos or rollers, other like to simply ride their bike around a bit.

If you’re new to cycling, racing or performance training, we think you’ll find the following very useful:

Whatever you decide to do, remember to not overdo it, and ensure you have followed the guidance on sustenance and hydration, as well as some of our tips on general well-being.