Announcing Tuesday evening Slipstreamers group turbo sessions on Zwift & “Learning to Fish” workshops on Zoom

Starting 30 November

We get to coach Slipstreamers riders just once a week, but what happens the other six days to help them achieve their cycling goals?  The coaches at Slipstreamers are launching two initiatives to help our riders make the most of their training time when they are not at Slipstreamers.  There will be structured group training sessions on Zwift, and a series of workshops on Zoom.
Our objective is to help riders (and parents) “learn to fish”, so you understand the full breadth of how you can help yourselves when you’re not with the coaches on Saturdays.  We encourage parents to participate as well, so you can support your young riders in these initiatives.
Starting next Tuesday, 30 November, we will be running a weekly group training ride on Zwift.  This will be preceded by a 20 minute workshop on Zoom for riders and parents in which we discuss topics supporting our riders achieving their goals, including SMART goal setting, on-the-bike training strategies, off-the-bike strength & conditioning, 2022 races & events, mental resilience, DIY bike fitting, etc.  The full schedule of topics is below.
We will start the Zoom meetings at 19:00, and they will last 20 minutes, so there are 10 minutes to get to the turbo trainer to start the 19:30 Zwift group rides.  There will be two group rides, one for younger riders that will last 45 minutes and a second for our older riders that will last 60 minutes.  The Zoom link is below, and the meet-up instructions for Zwift will follow.
We often think of training for cycling as simply “spend more time on the bike”.  That is only part of the story, and here is the schedule of topics we will cover.  We aim to record the Zoom meetings and have links on the Slipstreamers website, so you can catch up on any topics you’ve missed.  There will also be links to further resources if you wish to dive deeper on any of these subjects.
Date Session objective Presenter
30 November Learning to Fish” objectives. process overview & how to see missed sessions

Presentation PDF
7 December Making the most of your home training environment: Turbo, Zwift, Power measurement, HRM, etc…. (intro to measuring effort & pacing)

Presentation PDF
Duncan / Royce
14 December On-the-bike training strategy – Part 1:
Event demands, periodisation, training zones, rest & recovery, workouts

Presentation PDF
21 December On-the-bike training strategy – Part 2:
Mountain bike focus on event demands & training sessions

Presentation PDF
4 January 2022 Goal Setting: Process v Outcome goals, & SMART objectives

Presentation PDF
11 January On-the-bike training strategy – Part 3:
Building your training plan for 2022

Annual Planner Bundle

We have created two documents to help you set your Goals & SMART Objectives for 2022.

  • Annual Planner SMART Template, which helps you create your strategies and objectives
  • Annual Planner Diary, which is a 12 month diary into which you can set out your Target Events and week by week training plan

There are both a completed example and a blank template for each document.
This link will allow you to download all four documents.

Learning to Fish 6 Resource Pages
British Cycling “Insight Zone”:

This section of the BC website has articles, videos, training guides and many other resources you can use to develop and implement your strategies and objectives.
The first link takes you to the home page, and there are some additional links specific to what we have been discussing in Learning to Fish.

Zwift Training Plans & Training Sessions:

There is an extensive library of individual workouts in Zwift, and you can also follow a structured training plan in Zwift, which recommends a series of workouts over a number of weeks based on a training objective. The “Crit Crusher” plan would be best for circuit racing, while the “Build Me Up” would help your time trialling. You can also build your own plan by selecting individual workouts in a sequence that fits your training strategy.
GCN workouts you can find in Zwift


There are hundreds of videos available on the Global Cycling Network YouTube channel. You can start and search from GCN’s homepage.
Here are some examples related to your training strategies and objectives:
Developing your training plan
Track cycling skills
Sprint training


This company is dedicated to providing structured training plans on turbos. Like Zwift, it has a monthly fee.
It also provides, for free, a blog with a great deal of training information and advice.
If you search the blog for “time trial”:
You will find:
If you search for “sprinting”:
You will find:

Cycling Tips:

This is another resource for training ideas and specific recommendations on skills, training and tactics.
The key is to search for a topic you are interested in, and you will find relevant articles.
For example, if you search for “sprinting”:
You will find:

18 January Supporting your young rider toward their goals

Presentation PDF

25 January 2022 Races & Events for young riders

Presentation PDF
1 February Off-the-bike strength & conditioning – Athletes first, then cyclists

Presentation PDF
50 Day Challenge
8 February Race day preparation

Presentation PDF Or AI Link
Dave G
15 February Nutrition on & off-the-bike

Presentation PDF Or AI Link
Dave G
22 February British Cycling Pathway & Alex Franks’ Journey

Presentation PDF
Rob Sharman /
Alex Franks
1 March Mental resilience & training

Presentation PDF
8 March Measuring effort & pacing

Presentation PDF
15 March Self-help guide to Bike Fit: How to keep your fit working as you grow and change.

Presentation PDF
22 March Peaking fitness & freshness for your “A” events

Presentation PDF
29 March Rider suggested topics

Presentation PDF

Here is a link to the Zoom workshops.  This link will work for every meeting.

Slipstreamers “Learning to Fish” Workshops

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 885 1310 0316
Passcode: 710955
Every week (except Christmas week) on a Tuesday at 7pm, 17 occurrences
2021: Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14, Dec 21
2022: Jan 4, Jan 11, Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, Mar 1, Mar 8, Mar 15, Mar 22, Mar 29
Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

All the event information is also in our Event Calendar

The Zwift Sessions

U12 Zwift Meetup
Gold/U16/U14 Zwift Meetup

Zwift Training Session used at Tuesday Night Meetup (Under 14/16)
Session 1: Training/Zwift Academy 2021/VO2 Over/Unders
Session 2: Training/Zwift Academy 2021/Peak VO2 Intervals
Session 3: Training/Zwift Academy 2021/Lactate Tolerance
Session 4: Training/Zwift Academy 2021/Threshold Under/Overs
Session 5: Training/Zwift Academy 2021/Upper Threshold Block
Session 6: Training/Zwift Academy 2021/Threshold Boost
Session 7: Training/Zwift Academy 2020/Aerobic Power

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