On Saturday, 15th October 2022, we will be running the 4th of 5 Club Champs events, and this time it’s the turn of the Road Races. We are hoping for clear(ish) skies and a dry morning, but rain or shine it should be a great bunch of races. Check out our Flickr collection here to enjoy a few photos from Club Champs of recent years.

As ever, we would encourage ALL our members to take part in Club Champs, regardless of whether you are a first timer or an old hand at this! Every event gains you some points – even just for taking part – and it’s all in the interest of healthy competition and FUN. There is an FAQ page here on the Club Champs you can refer to if you have any questions, but for those of you coming along on Saturday, read on to find out a bit more about what you can expect when you compete in the Road Races event…

Important: Whether or not you have done this many times before, please ensure you read this post in its entirety as it contains details that you need to know, including information relating to our electronic timing equipment that we are using. Our aim is to keep things within a schedule, and as such we’ve planned the day accordingly, but if things do run behind or are delayed we thank you in advance for your patience.

Road Races Champs Sign On Process, Important Info & Schedule

Sign on times and the races schedule are as noted below, and we will have to be very strict with these – please help avoid disappointment by ensuring you plan your journey with some contingency, and arrive in good time so members can sign on and get ready with minimal fuss. The Admin Team have a LOT to get ready to support the judging teams, and unfortunately latecomers will not be allowed to sign on. So if you wish to take part, please be on time.

Please make sure you are clear on the time slots and what to expect, and parents do kindly pass this information onto our members – they are the ones who need to know what is happening!


Road Champs Rules

If you are planning on competing, be sure to take note of the event schedule (read on further for this), and the all-important rules for the road races. Click here to read all the need-to-know details.

Road bikes will be on loan from the Mechanics. There is no charge for those being used for Club Champs events.

Advance Online Booking

All racers must register their place in advance. This is important so we can assign race numbers and transponders in advance to save time. Click button for full details and to be directed to the online booking form with everything you need to know and to register and pay by the deadline.


Sign-On Process

Whether you are racing or not, the sign-on process is the same for everyone. ALL members must make their way to the clubhouse in good time before sign-on closes. Note this is NOT a normal Saturday session so do keep reading to ensure you are clear on what’s happening.

The full process will be explained to you on Saturday, but headlines to note are…

  • All members must please sign on and take a number as you normally would for a race. The number needs to be pinned on at 90° on the rider’s right side.
  • Sign-On opens at 08:45, ending at 09:15 for first race with cut off 10 minutes before each race briefing thereafter.
  • If you are racing in the Road Races, make your way to the Mechanics Hut to get your bike gear checked after sign on, then head to the start line to ensure you receive your transponder before your race in good time.
  • If you are not racing, we are more than happy to have you assist with volunteering for the event…

IMPORTANT:  Note that anyone who arrives after their race sign on cut-off will not be able to sign on as we have a lot of admin to get ready for the race. Please be on time to avoid disappointment and ensure you plan your journey with some contingency for traffic, putting on transponders, gear checks, etc.

Electronic Timing

For the Road Races Champs, you will be issued with a number at sign-on in the clubhouse as normal, as well as a race-timing transponder. You will need to ensure you take extreme care with this, and parents we would appreciate your support when these are issued. You will be told where to fix your transponder to. There will be a few printouts available to help you on the day, and of course a few Volunteers on had as well so don’t worry if you’ve never used one before. Once you have completed your race, you will need to return the transponder immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The transponders are expensive (£50 each) and members will not be allowed to sign-on again at the club whilst they have an non-returned transponder recorded.   Transponders are issued on the understanding that the rider is responsible for its care and return and assumes acceptance of liability for the cost of replacement in the event of loss.


All riders must report to the Mechanics Hut for a gear check AFTER sign on, and any time BEFORE their race start. Do ensure you allow enough time to get this done – see schedule below. Each rider will receive a sticker to indicate that gear checks have been undertaken and these will be checked at the start-line.

Early Warm-Up

There is no early performance session, but there will be a warm-ups taking place for those who are interested. If you arrive early, you are able to join the warm-up. Be sure you have signed on first to receive your number and transponder, and plan to allow enough time for gear checks afterwards. For those signing on normal time, there will be a warm-up from 08:45 to 09:15 ahead of the first races an on the main circuit; and then another warm-up taking place on the small circuit from 09:15 to 10:10 ahead of the later races.

Not Racing?

You do not need to do the Club Champs road races if you don’t want to. Whilst there will not be regular coaching, the following volunteering activities will still be taking place:

  • Runners. Riders may be needed to relay sheets etc between the Club House & the Judge’s Hut.
  • Marshals. There is always a need to marshals to be stationed around to circuit during the races to help keep the races running smoothly and alert others of any incidents that have occurred.
Running Order & Event Times - Click to Expand

Sign On shall close 10 mins before race briefing!

ALL AGES – 08:45 – 09:15
U12/U10 – Until 10:05
U16/U14 – Until 10:55

Allow enough time to get signed on, fit a transponder, be gear checked and get to your event before the race briefing.

Warm-Up for all ages interested
Meet at the start line to join the warm up after sign on.
08:45 to 09:15
on full circuit
09:15 to 10:10
on small circuit


Make sure you are well fed and watered before the session, dressed accordingly for the weather, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Race Briefings
ALL Ages – At Start Line
Start of each race

Club Champs – Road Races Event

Road Races (I): U6 / U8 – Boys and Girls
Medium circuit – 30 minutes

Start-Line: 09:25
Race Start: 09:30

Road Races (II): U12/ U10 – Boys and Girls
Full circuit – 30 minutes

Start-Line: 10:15
Race Start: 10.20

Road Races (III): U14 / U16 – Boys and Girls
Full circuit – 40 minutes
Start-Line: 11:05
Race Start: 11:15
 Pack up and clear away 12pm

Parent Volunteers Needed to Marshal

We will need as much help as possible from any available hands throughout the session to support the races during the morning. We need numerous marshals at various points on the circuit, as well as a few folks to carry equipment to and from the judge’s hut. If you are waiting around for your child/ children’s race/s, do make yourselves known. Please note that without sufficient marshals, the races cannot go ahead, so we expect parents to step up and help out. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with this – and of course, we have no doubt so do all the children!



Parents– we’d like to remind you that this is a children’s competition, and as such we’d appreciate your support in keeping things friendly and stress-free for all our young people AND volunteers to enjoy and have fun. Club Champs is all about encouraging healthy competition, and keeping in the spirit of camaraderie and friendship.

Note that if a member misses the Road Races event and cannot attend on Saturday, there are other events they can join so click here for a reminder of the remaining 2022 Club Champs dates. If this is your first time participating in the Club Championships, be sure to visit this page here to find out more about how the competition works and what it’s all about.

We would love to see you all taking part this year – so participate, give it your best, and let’s all have a good time!

As usual, keep an eye out on Twitter for the latest updates and if you have any questions, please contact the operations team.