The final round of the Club Champs series is almost upon us, with round 5 taking place on Sunday 19th of November 2023 at the Calshot Velodrome in Southampton.  This is always a very exciting set of races, and we hope this year will see many more of you who are eligible to race (see notes below) attending to give it a go.

If you are planning to race for the very first time at the Calshot Track Champs, please read all the information below to be very clear regarding your eligibility and how to pre-book. Unlike other Club Champs events, you will need to book in advance online so do follow the instructions below for how to do this.


Track Races Club Champs PreBooking Process & Important Info


Track Races Champs

The track races are, as per all other Club Champs races, run under British Cycling regulations. If you are planning to participate in these, be sure to follow this link here to visit our dedicated page that walks you through the rules, eligibility criteria*, how the races work, equipment needed, etc. Do read this so you are absolutely clear on what to expect before you book.

* Every rider shall need to have attended a Slipstreamers coaching session at Calshot in 2023 or be signed off by the Track Coaches to be eligible to race.

Advance Online Booking

All racers must register their place in advance. This is important so we can plan the various groups and assign race numbers and transponders in advance to save time. Click here for Velodrome details with everything you need to know, and click button below to be directed to the online booking form to register and pay by the deadline. Remember, the Club Champs Track Event is only open to those who have completed Calshot training in 2023 or been signed off by the Track Coaches – if you aren’t sure please ask before you book and we will be very happy to advise.


Sign-On: 12.45pm - Calshot Cafe

Please plan your journey with contingency for traffic, and arrive in good time so members can sign on and get ready with minimal fuss. This is not a coaching session, race times are  tight, and unfortunately latecomers will not be allowed to sign on. If you are running late for reasons beyond your control, please email with an ETA – please remember if you are very late you may miss your race so it’s best to set out early and prevent unnecessary stress before the race.

  • All racers should head to the Calshot Cafe from 12:45 to start the sign on process and receive a transponder and a race number. Remember you must pre-book your place and pay online in advance by the deadline – full details on the booking pages.
  • Sign on will close at 13:25 and all racers should be fed, watered, dressed and ready to go for 13:30.
  • Track Champs is an Omnium and timing will be tight. If you are late, you may not be able to race so plan accordingly and expect to be there until 17:30 that evening.
  • NOTE: Do not enter the velodrome until called down. The Track Team will let you know when may enter after they have done a risk assessment and set up inside.


Parents/ Guardians…
  • You are also expected to sign on once you are inside the velodrome – please do so once your children are settled and grouped. This is necessary for health and safety reasons, so we would appreciate your co-operation in this regard.
Electronic Timing

At sign-on in the café, you will be issued with a race number as well as a race-timing transponder. As per previous Club Champs races you will need to ensure you take extreme care with this, and parents we would appreciate your support when these are issued. The transponder should be affixed to the bike fork on the front wheel, on the side away from the quick release using zip ties that will be provided. There will be volunteers on hand to help, so don’t worry if you’ve never used one before. Once you have completed your races at the end and before you leave the velodrome, you will need to return the transponder immediately to the sign-on desk.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The transponders are expensive (£50 each) and members will not be allowed to sign-on again at the club whilst they have an non-returned transponder recorded.   Transponders are issued on the understanding that the rider is responsible for its care and return and assumes acceptance of liability for the cost of replacement in the event of loss.

What is the Schedule for the Track Races?

Riders need to ensure enough time is allocated for sign on in the café, bike collection if you are hiring one from reception, getting dressed and being ready by 13:30 for the Coaches briefing.


Running Order & Event Times - Click to Expand


Coach’s Briefing: 13:35

ALL riders need to be ready for the briefing inside the velodrome by 13:35. Be sure to get dressed, get your transponders on your bikes, have your snacks, sort out whatever you need to and be ready to listen on time. At the start of the session, you will be briefed by your Track Coaches and arranged into your respective race groups.

It is very important you pay attention to the racing order and where your group will be gathering before each race – make sure when it is your turn to race you are ready to go. This is not a training session, which means time is very tight and your coaches won’t wait for people that are not ready!

Parents: we could do with your help – if a few of you would kindly volunteer to be in charge of each group so that the children are ready to ride promptly, that would be very helpful.

Event Running Order

Event 1: Flying Laps – All Age Groups
Event 2: Match Sprints (Seeded) – All Age Groups
Event 3: Points Race {60 laps} – U16/ U14 boys and girls
Event 4: Scratch Race {30 laps} – U10/ U8 boys and girls
Event 5: Scratch Race {50 laps} – U12 boys and girls

If you aren’t sure what the above events mean, be sure to visit this page here for an explanation and to know what to expect. Note that dependent on numbers, some of the groups may be split by gender.

A Few Reminders

Gear Checks
There WILL BE gear checks. Please read the information provided here. Over geared riders will be disqualified.

Bike & Shoe Hire
Please make sure you sort this in good time. In the event you can’t find a bike in the correct size, please talk to fellow members and help each other out by sharing. Note that pedals are NOT allowed to be changed on hire bikes – please don’t attempt to do so.

Riding Up
Riding up will NOT be permitted so please don’t ask to do so. If you’d like to understand why, read this.

It’s VERY Cold Inside
Wear a base layer, bring extra jackets, don’t forget the rollers – it will be cold inside the velodrome!

Everything You Need to Know…
regarding parking, bike hire, what to pack, rules of participation are noted on this page here.


In Between Your Races…

Rehydrate and eat something to replenish energy. You will be working hard.

Cheer on your fellow Slipstreamers. We expect to hear masses of cheers and shouts for other riders when you are not racing, as everyone appreciates encouragement – plus, it adds to the excitement!

Help the Volunteers. There will be loads to do and every little bit makes a ton of difference. We will need your help with holding riders, working lap counters, recording times – lots to do!  Parents / Young Volunteers who are willing and able to support, please make yourselves known to the Coaches on Saturday so you can be delegated a task to help.

Before You Go Home

We would be grateful for your cooperation in keeping the velodrome clean and tidy. If you don’t use the bins during the session, please be so kind as to clear up any cups, food wrappers and any mess on your way out before you head home.

And finally, please return your transponder and race number!


Good luck to all of you racing. Parents please ensure children taking part are aware of the content in this post and what to expect for their Track event. Have a great race members and don’t forget to prepare your kit bag and get to bed early on Saturday night! Once this event is over, all the results will be finalised and collated, ready for the Awards Ceremony in December 2023.

Parents please do ensure children taking part are aware of the content in this post and what to expect. As ever, if you have any questions regarding the Club Championships, feel free to email us. Do also visit the Slipstreamers in Action section of our News Hub for more fantastic reports from our wonderful young writers and cycling adventurers!

As usual, keep an eye out on Twitter for the latest updates and if you have any questions, please contact the Admin Team.