The annual Club Champs series is well under way and next up for round 4, on Saturday 11th November 2017, it’s the turn of the highly anticipated Mountain Bike (MTB) races. For those of you that recall the 2016 Club Champs (photos here and recap here), the MTB Coaching team have once again designed a super exciting course for you all to enjoy, so we are looking forward to as many of you as possible to give it a go.

It’s a great opportunity to test your off-road bike handling and technical ability, so grab your mountain bike and join the fun in what promises to be a fantastic morning of racing. We are holding out for a dry morning, but rain (read mudbath a’la Club Champs 2015′ – visual reminder here!)  – the races go ahead as planned.

Whether or not you have done this many times before, please ensure you read this post in it’s entirety as it contains all the details that you need to know regarding the format of the morning, which for the MTB races is slightly different to other races.

As ever, we would encourage ALL our members to take part in Club Champs, regardless of whether you are a first timer or an old hand at this! Every event gains you some points – even just for taking part – and it’s all in the interest of healthy competition and FUN. There is an FAQ page here on the Club Champs you can refer to if you have any questions, but for those of you coming along on Saturday, read on to find out a bit more about what you can expect when you compete in the MTB Races event…


MTB Races Club Champs Sign On Process & Important Info

Mountain Bike Races Champs

The mountain bike races are, as per all other Club Champs races, run under British Cycling regulations. If you are planning to participate in Saturday’s MTB Races Club Champs, be sure to follow this link here to visit our dedicated page that walks you through the rules, course details, equipment needed, etc. Do read this so you are absolutely clear on what to bring along and the MTB specific rules.

Course Information

All races start and finish near the Judge’s Hut at the apron. There are 2 courses for the mountain bike races: a short course for U6 and U8 riders that will be raced in the bowl, and a longer course for U10 and older age categories that will extend to include various off-road sections around the circuit. Everything will be marked with arrows and signs to avoid confusion. Both courses will incorporate fast flowing sections, exciting technical features, and the choice of A (technically challenging) or B (easier) lines. British Cycling XC rules regarding A or B lines will apply so make sure you are clear on the rules.

Sign-On: 8.30am – 9.30am

All members – whether you are racing the MTB Races Champs or joining the Bronze Development on the Apron – must make their way to the clubhouse with payment and in good time before sign-on closes at 9.30am sharp. We highly recommend you allow extra time for registration, fitting transponders and number boards, and doing a recon lap – full details are in the schedule below.

  • If you are racing in the MTB Races, once you’ve signed on make your way to the Judges’ Hut for a briefing and to do your recon lap.
  • If you are not racing, and instead joining in the Bronze apron session, gather in the designated meeting point as noted in the schedule below.
  • Note there is no early performance session this week.

IMPORTANT:  Unfortunately, anyone who arrives after 9.30am will not be able to take part, so please be on time to avoid disappointment and ensure you plan your journey with some contingency for traffic, putting on transponders, gear checks etc.

Course Recon: 9.30am - 10am

After sign on, every rider should make their way to the start / finish line near the judges hut for 9.30am for the main briefing where the rules will be explained. Please do not ride on the course before the briefing. All riders will have a chance to ride the course from around 9.40am with a Club Official, where they will be guided through the circuit and get an opportunity to test the technical features and decide which line to take during the race. Younger age category races kick off at 10am so be sure you allow enough time for this if planning to race. Note that recon is not permitted while racing is in progress.

Electronic Timing

At sign-on, you will be issued with a number as well as a race-timing transponder /chip. You will need to ensure you take extreme care with this, and parents we would appreciate your support when these are issued. The transponder should be affixed to the fork, on the side away from the quick release using zip ties that will be provided. There will be a few printouts available to help you on the day, and of course a few Volunteers on had as well so don’t worry if you’ve never used one before. Once you have completed your race, you will need to return the transponder immediately to the sign-on desk in the club-house. If you are using a Club mountain bike, make sure you take off your transponder before you return it to the Mechanics.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The transponders are expensive (£50 each) and members will not be allowed to sign-on again at the club whilst they have an non-returned transponder recorded.   Transponders are issued on the understanding that the rider is responsible for its care and return and assumes acceptance of liability for the cost of replacement in the event of loss.

Other Activities

As per previous races, we would encourage every one of you to give the mountain biking a go, even just for fun. However, you do not need to do the Club Champs MTB races if you don’t want to. Whilst there will not be regular circuit coaching, the following activities will still be taking place:

  • Bronze Development skills coaching on the apron as normal. Meet your Coaches at the front of the clubhouse as usual.
  • Fun skills session on the start/finish straight adjacent to the apron so feel free to join in for a bit of bike jenga, bean bag darts, limbo and more after your race.

Remember every Club Champs event gains you some points – even just for taking part – and it’s all in the interest of healthy competition and FUN. There is an FAQ page here on the Club Champs you can refer to if you have any questions, but do feel free to talk to one of the volunteers and we’d be happy to help.

What is the Schedule for the Morning?

Riders need to ensure enough time is allocated for sign on, bike collection (if using a club MTB bike), fitting your transponder and number board, and getting to the start line on time. Not that there are no gear checks for mountain bike races. Please make sure you are clear on the time slots and what to expect, and parents do kindly pass this information onto our members – they are the ones who need to know what is happening!


Running Order & Event Times - Click to Expand


Course Setup: 7.30am – 9.30am

Volunteers helping with course setup please meet in clubhouse as soon as you arrive and you’ll be directed to where we need you. There is plenty to do!

Sign On – ALL AGES – 8:30am – 9.30am
Ready to Start at 9.30am

Group Briefing, Warm-Up and Course Recon

All ages to meet at the Judge’s Hut for a briefing at 9.30am

A Few Reminders

Allow enough time to get signed on, fit a transponder and number board, do at least 1 recon lap of the course, and get to the start line at the judges hut. Plan accordingly to avoid stress before your race.

Make your way to the judges hut at the apron in good time so you are fully briefed on the rules for MTB.

Riding up will NOT be permitted. If you’d like to understand why, read this

Be absolutely clear on permissible bikes and equipment – follow this link here for more.

Mountain bikes will be on loan from the Mechanics. There is no charge for Club Champs.

All transponders must be returned immediately after your race.

The only other activities taking place other than the MTB Club Champs is a Bronze skills coaching on the Apron, and for riders wanting to ride a bit more after their race, a few circuit skills (resource permitting).

Provisional results will be posted as soon as possible. Please don’t distract the time keepers!

Whether you are Club Champs racing or joining the Bronze group on the Apron, make sure you are well fed and watered before the session, dressed accordingly for the weather, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Bronze Development Group

Meet Front of Clubhouse – 9.30am

Race 1 – U6 & U8 (Short Course)
9.55am Start Line Briefing
  • 10am start: Under 8 (Green) – 4 laps, 25 mins
  • 10.01am start: Under 6 (Blue) – 2 laps, 15 mins
Race 2 – U10 & U12 (Long Course)
10.25am Start Line for Briefing
  • 10.30am start: Under 12 (Orange) – 3 laps, 45 mins
  • 10.31am start: Under 10 (Red) – 2 laps, 30 mins
Race 3 – U14 & U16 (Long Course)
11.10am Start Line for Briefing
  • 11.15am start:  Under 16 (White) – 5 laps, 50 mins
  • 11.16am start: Under 14 (Yellow) – 4 laps, 45 mins

After Your Race…

  • Return your transponder – if you are using a Club mountain bike, be sure to remove this and bring back to the clubhouse.
  • Do not come into the clubhouse with muddy shoes or kit. We’re hoping for a mud free session, but regardless we ask you to dust yourself off outside and make sure you don’t leave a trail of mess behind you. Bring a few bin bags along to put any muddy shoes and kit into, and remember the spare clothes to change into.
  • If you use the change-rooms please ensure you clean up any mess you may make. A bin liner makes an ideal personal changing area – just stand on it when you get changed, and leave your muddy kit inside it. That way you keep floors clean and can put the dirty kit in your bag keeping that clean too!

Dismantle Course & Clear Up – 12pm

The circuit is in use after our event and we would be grateful for parent volunteers to help with the clear up and collection of stakes and tape from the grounds. The more helpers we have, the sooner we all get to go home!

Volunteers Needed to Set Up MTB Course and Marshall

The MTB Club Champs needs a lot of helpers to ensure we are set up on time and riders are in view at all times during their races. We need a number marshals at various strategic points on the circuit, a few folks to carry equipment to and from the judge’s hut, and helpers to put out the course stakes, barrier tape and mark the A/B lines.

Please make yourselves known and help us out. This is a great opportunity to get involved, a free cuppa awaits for you afterwards, and you will have our immense gratitude! There is no need to email us in advance – when you turn up on Saturday, simply let us know you’re available to help and we’ll delegate accordingly.



We do hope you will join us, regardless of the weather. Don’t forget to prepare your kit bag (bin bags for wet kit, a towel and spare clothes!) and get to bed early on Friday night. Once this event is over there is just the Track Champs at the Calshot Velodrome on the 25th November remaining, and we hope to see many of you there (booking form will follow immediately after the MTB Champs).

Parents please ensure children taking part are aware of the content in this post and what to expect. If this is your first time participating in the Club Championships, be sure to visit this page here to find out more about how the competition works and what it’s all about.

If you have any questions regarding the Club Championships, feel free to email the Admin Team or talk to a Volunteer. Do also visit the Slipstreamers in Action section of our News Hub for more fantastic reports from our wonderful young writers and cycling adventurers!

As usual, keep an eye out on Twitter for the latest updates and if you have any questions, please contact the Admin Team.